Running for a Second Term


I officially signed up to run for a second term as your State Representative from Londonderry.  As a freshman, I learned a lot about what goes on in Concord.  I was pleased to be on the Science, Technology and Energy Committee where serious energy issues were discussed and bills debated that affect the cost and reliability of energy and electricity.  Every vote taken was weighed against my pledge to keep taxes low and to guard against programs that would threaten to force a state income or sales tax.  I earned a “Conservative Achievement” award from the American Conservative Union, an “A” rating from the NRA, and a “B” rating from the NH Liberty Alliance.  Additionally, I received the second highest conservative rating of all Londonderry State Representatives.  My voting record is a result of a common sense approach which supports charter schools, more local control of schools (No Common Core), and social issues that endorse human life and moral values that make sense.  I also follow a policy of less government regulations, especially those that make small businesses so hard to start and thrive.  I hope to meet some of my constituents as I begin going door to door this primary season.  There are 10 Republican candidates running in the primary on September 13th.  I ask for your support to be one of those seven.

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