Visiting Recycling and Trash Burning Facilities

The Science, Technology and Energy Committee went on a field trip to view two businesses associated with construction debris and trash burning for electrical power.  First visited was the Epping Recycling facility owned by Environmental Resources Return Corporation (ERRCO).  We learned how various construction debris is sorted, separated and distributed to markets throughout the area and Canada.  Processes are in place and closely followed to ensure clean wood is segregated for use in trash burning facilities.

Next was the Wheelabrator Technology Trash-to-Energy plant in Penacook.  A giant grappling hook delivers trash into a high temperature furnace to produce the energy needed to provide electricity to the grid. Strict emissions controls are followed and the  NH Department of Environmental Services periodically inspects it to ensure emissions are well-below maximum limits.  This tour gave the committee the information needed to discuss and decide on an upcoming bill to allow a small amount of construction debris to be burned.



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