Conservative Excellence Award


The American Conservative Union (ACU) Foundation has awarded me the “Conservative Excellence” award for 2016.  This award is based not on surveys or pledges, but on the voting record.  From my perspective, I didn’t know about this during my first term nor did I care.  My voting record is based on my principles and understanding of the causes and effects of bills as presented to the House.  I do not strive to achieve a 100% rating and I would be a bit suspicious if I did.  Rather, I recognize that no one should be a solid block all the time and there is room for differences.  Note the difference between the 2015 and 2016 ratings. These ratings should be used as guidelines to see how close your representatives agree with your principles.  I am proud to receive this award and hope it serves as a guideline for future discussions.


I’ve provided a list of the ACU’s summaries of House and Senate bills they deemed relevant.  This will help in your understanding of the bills voted on.  Following that, I’ve provided my scores for your information.





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