Republican Unity Breakfast

One of the great events after each primary is the NHGOP Unity Breakfast.  This time it was held on September 14th at the Bedford Village Inn, Bedford NH.  The goal is to bring together those who ran against each other and unity as a single party.  It recognizes the differences among us, but provides the opportunity to unite behind the larger issues we believe are important.

Fellow committee member Representative Vose and I talking about upcoming events. Representatives Jeanine Notter (l) and Laurie Sanborn in background. Picture courtesy of Alan Glassman.


This year’s event features NJ Governor Chis Christy who made it very clear we all need to unity behind our party’s candidates.  Attendees included Senator Kelly Ayotte, Congressman Frank Guinta, Governor John H. Sununu, Rich Ashooh, Councilman Chris Sununu, NH State Representative Frank Edelblut, NH Senate President Chuck Morse, NH House Speaker Jasper and many other senators, representatives and supporters.

Pictures courtesy of Alan Glassman:


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