Thank You!

The following letter was sent to the Londonderry Times:

I’m honored to be returning to the State House along with six other representatives from Londonderry.  Congratulations to everyone who ran.  My thanks go to all who supported me and especially to those who had my lawn signs on display.  Most of all, I enjoyed the many conversations I had from knocking on over 950 doors.  The experience taken from this will be of great benefit in the upcoming sessions.  There is a lot to be done.  The Opioid crisis still exists, well-paying business needs to return, economical energy needs addressing, and healthcare and election laws need review.  Local control of schools, common sense spending to keep taxes low and senior issues continue to be high on the list.  I’d like to take this opportunity to also thank the town officials, police and volunteers for their efforts on Election Day.  Despite having record voters, the traffic flow and polling organization was by far the best, according to many long term residents. This was a huge accomplishment and “kudos” go out to each and every one taking part in the planning and implementation.  I’m looking forward to representing Londonderry and thank you all again for your support.


Plenty of enthusiasm on Election Day!  Governor-elect Chis Sununu stopped by for a chat.



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