2017 Legislative Accomplishments

As we entered the new session in January, I think it’s time to reflect on the major accomplishments of the NH General Court.  Leading the way is the Republican majority State House of Representatives, Republican State Senate, and Republican Governor Chris Sununu.  I’ll be posting the accomplishments in the next few weeks and intermix them with other items of interest around Londonderry and the state.


 Fiscally Responsible State Budget

• Passed a 2-year spending plan that meets the needs of our state with no new or
increased taxes or fees, and no downshifting.
• Growth in spending over the 2-year budget period is limited to no more than
the rate of inflation plus growth in population, ensuring responsible and
efficient use of taxpayer dollars.
• General Funds spending levels for FY2019 will be $85 million less than the
Democrat spending plan for FY 2009, passed 10 years ago.
• Increased the Rainy Day Fund from $93 million to $100 million to protect New
Hampshire’s bond rating and strengthens our financial position (HB144)
• Based on conservative revenue estimates, to ensure the state will never be in
jeopardy of spending more than we can reasonably expect to receive in
revenue. (HB144 & HB517)

Additionally, the House returned sizeable funds to the towns.  For Londonderry, it was over $500,000 back from the state.


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