Local Electrical Project Followed From Beginning to End

I recently attended the completion ceremony of the Merrimack Valley Reliability Project (MVRP) at Elwood Orchards. This electric upgrade project, coming on line in January, was requested by the regional electric grid operator. It’s important to Londonderry because it enhances our ability to keep power flowing during events and helps keep energy costs lower. Many have seen the work being done by EVERSOURCE from the Scobie Pond sub-station to the turn at West Road and towards Hudson to NH111.



It was important to me to keep tabs on how it affected our town. That’s why I attended the public hearings, had EVERSOURCE walk me through the most critical landscape before the actual work started, observed the tree cutting operations, visited the area where homes were most affected, and observed the laying of the poles and the hanging of the transmission wires. In short, I followed the program from beginning to end.

Project planners kept close communications with the town officials and those most affected to mitigate their many concerns. My observations were that communications were proactive, timely and responsive with residents and the town and state officials. During contact with the workers and sub-contractors, I learned the processes that resulted in a professional and safe operation.

This resulted in a quality project that was completed on schedule and on budget. As an example of the close coordination between EVERSOURCE and the town, the Town of Londonderry was presented with a plaque of appreciation and was accepted by Town Manager Kevin Smith.





I was pleased to have the opportunity to observe and follow such an important project that affected so many Londonderry residents. I’d like to thank all parties involved for a job very well done!


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