Nevins Power Loss Visited

Earlier this Fall, Londonderry experienced an extensive power loss from strong winds and downed wires.  As soon as I learned that the Nevins community had been without power for a couple of days for want of a pole, I stopped by to see what was going on.  I was concerned that several residents had to be evacuated for medical reasons that required power for their devices.


Thankfully, I noticed a Fair Point truck and workers installing a new pole. I talked to the patrolman on duty and some residents.  Apparently, it had to be determined who owned the pole that fell before it could be replaced.  Fair Point was the owner and they quickly moved to replace the pole.  Almost on schedule, Eversource showed up as soon as the pole was stabilized and they did their work to get power back on line.


I enjoyed my discussions with the neighbors and was glad the situation was resolved, albeit slower than anyone would like.  There were a lot of outages and sometimes it takes awhile to repair.  The crews did a great job and I’m glad this elderly community was back on power not a moment too soon.

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