2017 Legislative Accomplishments

Here’s another edition of some the Legislative Accomplishments under Republican leadership in just the 2017 part of the biennium:  We focus on business and Constitutional rights.


Making New Hampshire More Business Friendly

• Passed reductions in the rate of the Business Profits Tax (from 7.9% to 7.5%)
and Business Enterprise Tax (from .675 to .5%) to continue our efforts to reduce
the cost of doing business in New Hampshire, making our state more
competitive to attract and retain jobs and grow our economy (HB517)

• Increased the amount of the expense deduction under the business profits tax
from $100,000 to $500,000 so businesses can invest in their business and
create more jobs (HB517)

• Statewide property tax exemptions for commercial and industrial construction

• Permitted employers to pay wages to employees weekly or biweekly. (HB194)

• Clarified definition of employee to ensure locally owned small businesses
franchisees retain oversight of local employees (SB89)

• Revised the New Hampshire trust code, continuing New Hampshire’s firm
commitment to being one of the best legal environments for trusts, trust companies, and fiduciary services (SB225)

Protecting Constitutional Rights

• Repealed antiquated permit requirement to carry firearms (SB12)



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