HB314 Autonomous Vehicles


I was proud to co-sponsor a bill by Rep Steven Smith on autonomous vehicles.  HB 314 established licensing requirements for driving and testing autonomous vehicles.  NH is taking the necessary steps to prepare for the future.  As technology makes these types of vehicles possible, we must be prepared for a safe and smooth transition.  We are far from this becoming reality in the near future, but it may come sooner than anyone thinks and NH must be ready.  I intend to be a part of this process to ensure we learn from other states and evolve in a way that best fits NH’s culture and changing demographics.


The Transportation Committee recommended 15-0 to “Ought to Pass as Amended” (OTPA) and passed in the House by a resounding voice vote.  With the Senate’s support, I hope NH will join the other states in enacting policies to prepare for this developing technology.

Docket of HB314 Autonomous Vehicles






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