Riding With Londonderry Fire Department

It was recently my honor to ride with the Londonderry Fire Department to observe a typical day. No day, of course, is typical, but I was able to ride with the paramedics on a few calls and take a ride with Battalion Chief Roger to the site of a recent tragic house fire on Gregg Circle. I actually met the home owner, Kelly, and her sister Kim and conveyed my condolences on the events that led to the fire.


I also received a thorough tour of the central fire station and witnessed an “active shooter” training event. There is great pride in our firefighters and they were eager to show off their equipment and explain operations, including the dispatch operations. The paramedics showed great professionalism in dealing with some potentially difficult patients and it was very apparent of the great rapport they had with the hospitals visited.

I want to thank Chief O’Brien for giving me this opportunity and especially to Battalion Chief Roger, the paramedics, and the men and women of the Londonderry Fire Department who took time from their day to provide great insight into their operations.

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