NH Looses Jobs to Maine


The recent decision by the NH Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) to deny a permit for Northern Pass has resulted in lost jobs and much needed revenue for the North Country.  Although still in dispute, Massachusetts which had selected NP as its program to meet its clean energy initiatives, has given up on the extrodinarily long time it took for SEC to hold discussions of almost three years and then its inexplixably short time (two days) to render its decision to deny it, was enough for it to choose another program.  And instead of choosing another NH project proposed by National Grid which would have created jobs in NH, Massachusetts chose the New England Clean Energy Connect Project by Central Maine Power.  I hope the Maine Governor sends a big “thank you” to ours for our generosity.  See the article below:


“Massachusetts pivots to Maine project to meet renewable goals
Massachusetts utilities and regulators announced negotiations with Maine’s New England Clean Energy Connect transmission project to deliver Canadian hydropower to the state, after Eversource’s Northern Pass project failed to secure certification from a New Hampshire regulatory board.

The Maine project was named the runner-up of 46 proposals in the Massachusetts clean energy procurement, launched in response to the state’s 2016 energy diversity legislation. Massachusetts called for 1,200 megawatts of renewables such as wind, solar, hydro to reduce the state’s carbon emissions.

The New England Clean Energy Connect project proposed by Central Maine Power (CMP) (a subsidiary of Avangrid) jointly with Hydro-Quebec would import hydroelectricity from Quebec into New England via a transmission line through Maine rather than New Hampshire as proposed by the Northern Pass project.

The goal is to negotiate a contract with CMP by April 25 at which time it would go to Massachusetts regulators for approval. CMP expects to receive state approvals later this year and final federal permits in 2019.

Source: “Massachusetts hydro power will come through Maine, not White Mountains,” State House News Service, March 28, 2018.”

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