SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND ENERGY (Currently Serving as Clerk)

It shall be the duty of the Committee on Science, Technology and Energy to consider all matters pertaining to energy, telecommunications, air pollution, the jurisdiction of the Public Utilities Commission, the application of technological advances to the legislative process and the operation of state government, to coordinate the flow of information about technical and scientific matters to state and federal agencies and legislative committees, to monitor legislation referred to other committees in order to make suggestions for inclusion of technological improvements where warranted, and such other matters as may be referred to it.


It shall be the duty of the Committee on Legislative Administration to consider all matters pertaining to the legislative process including mileage, elections, the journal, house resolutions and screening; enrolling bills; creation of statutory and chapter study committees and like entities which address the legislature and its procedures; and such other matters relating to legislative administration as may be referred to the committee. Any matter referred by the chairman to any subcommittee may be reported by that subcommittee directly to the House unless otherwise ordered by the chairman.


Electric Utility Restructuring Legislative Oversight Committee (Vice Chair)
Residential Ratepayers Advisory Board

Council of State Governments Energy & Environment Committee
Committee to Study Subsidies for Energy Projects Provided by the Renewable Portfolio Standard

Rockingham County Attorney Sub-Committee (oversees County Attorney Budget)



  • Awarded “Conservative Excellence” 2016 by The American Conservation Union
  • Awarded “Conservative Achievement” 2015 by The American Conservation Union
  • NH Liberty Alliance: “B” rating
  • Strong 2nd Amendment supported, earning “A” rating from NRA
  • NH House Republican Alliance score: 88-90%


  • On the Economy
    • Promote acts that invite businesses to come to NH, such as more reductions in the business tax and eliminating senseless regulations
    • Oppose unreasonable and federally mandated increases in the minimum wage
    • Support Right to Work (though I believe the federal law is flawed and unfair)
  •  On Education
    • Supports Charter Schools
    • Oppose or eliminate “Common Core” – it restricts critical thinking learning and makes solving simple math problems burdensome and unwarranted
    • Enact legislation that gives more local control to the school district and parental rights to view curriculum before introduction
    • Supports Education Savings Accounts
  • On Energy
    • Government should encourage research, but not pick winners and losers
    • Eliminate or reduce subsidies to programs such as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)
    • Reduce the tariff on Net Metering to a tangible rate and support a way to replace it with a fairer method that doesn’t tax ratepayers for solar they don’t use
    • Promote all forms of energy projects that do not unfairly infringe upon private and protected property and that will truly reduce costs to business, municipalities, and private residents.
    • Promote legislative action to require more detailed transparency on electric bills, e.g. definitively listing cost of net metering, RGGI, and RPS as examples
    • Oppose any effort to increase ethanol in gasoline to E15.
  • On Taxes
    • Oppose any state income tax or sales tax proposal
    • Oppose unsustainable programs that threaten to force an income or sales tax in the future
    • Oppose legislation that unreasonably increases costs to local schools and forces increases in property taxes
    • Reduce the business taxes to make NH regain its “NH Advantage”
  • On the Budget
    • Support budgets based on conservative income estimates and not on “best case” or unreliable income estimates
    • Ensure budget items that provide for assistance to senior citizens, veterans, and those on fixed incomes
    • Oppose items that are “nice to have”, programs that will need to be subsidized and other actions that threaten to commit money we don’t have – Prioritize!
  • On Veterans Issues
    • Support efforts to have vets go to any healthcare facility quickly and without complicated bureaucratic interference
    • Support veterans assistance programs
    • Oppose any legislation that prevents veterans from legally wearing the uniform, restricts actions that honors their actions or any other activity that prevents them from showing their patriotism or diminishes their earned right for recognition
  • On Healthcare
    • Repeal and replace ACA
    • Ensure existing conditions coverage kept
    • Allow medical insurance to be purchased across state lines
    • Expanded Medicaid with strict work requirements
    • Transparency on costs of procedures to the patient
    • Allow ease to shop around
    • Ensure everyone who WANTS health coverage can afford it and be able to pick the type coverage right for them; choices
    • Keep your doctors if you want
  • On Elections and Voting
    • Supports Electoral College – States elect the President, not the popular vote
    • Not a fan of same day registration or early voting (exception: legal absentee voting)
    • Supports being a legal resident of the state you vote in
    • Proof of residency should be required
  • On Transportation
    • Co-sponsored bills on defining autonomous vehicles
    • Supports autonomous vehicles, but only after rules and safety measures are in place
    • Electric and hybrid vehicles must pay their fair share for road maintenance
    • No increases to tolls
    • No increase in gas tax, however, a new paradigm must be studied and adopted to ensure state infrastructure is funded to keep up with repairs and improvements


  • Member NH House Science, Technology and Energy Committee (2015-present); Clerk (2017-present)
  • Member NH House Legislative Administration Committee (2017-present)
  • Londonderry resident (2005-present)
  • NH resident since 1959
  • University of Montana – MBA, general
  • Graduate Lowell Technological Institute (UMass Lowell) – BS, Plastics Technology
  • Graduate Hanover High School; attended Orford High School (now Rivendale Regional HS)
  • USAF (via ROTC, 1972-1985) and Air National Guard (1992-2003, retired); Veteran
  • Air Force Association- Life Member
  • American Legion Post 27 member
  • Support contractor (Logistics and Program Management) at Hanscom AFB, MA (retired), electronics and radio/radar systems
  • Alternate Member Londonderry Senior Resources (Elderly Affairs) Committee
  • Old Home Day Parade Committee (2013-2017)
  • Member Londonderry Nutfield 300th Anniversary Committee
  • Londonderry YMCA Board Member (2018-present)
  • New Hampshire Soccer Association Executive Board (1999-2012) and Lifetime Member (currently on Disciplinary Committee)
  • Coach, board member Salem Youth Soccer Association (1985-1999)
  • Executive Board member (Area 3 chair, 2014-present), Rockingham County Republican Committee
  • Married (Elizabeth), one son (David), one granddaughter