Primary Results and a “Thank You”

As you’ve heard by now, I was one of the seven candidates for State Representative that made it through the primary for the general election on November 8th.  THANK YOU  to all who supported me!  I believe I was the only candidate to reach out door to door. My last count was about 700 Londonderry houses.  I’ve lived in Londonderry about 11+ years, but several candidates have been here much longer, so I am particularly grateful to have gained your trust and support to be among those going forward.  I’ve been a NH resident since I was 9 years old and kept my residency during my time in the Air Force, so I appreciate the opportunity to go for a second term this November.

Early morning and ready before the polls opened!


I enjoyed meeting the voters and was especially gratefull to all those who came up to me and said they voted for me because I came to their door!

(left to right) Rob Rimol, myself, Roger Fillio and Sherman Packard at the ready!(


I want to especially thank those who allowed my sign on their lawns.  I will be coming around shortly to pick each one up and then, with your permission, put them back up a few weeks before the November election.  If anyone has any questions, please contact me at:

Here’s Danielle who greatly aided us during the primary!


Many thanks to Greg and Sharon Carson who set up the signs and to Al and Judy Baldasaro who provided the tent and helped with setup.


To see the Londonderry results, please go to: Rockingham County State Representative Primary Results

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